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This is a letter of recommendation for Cristi Chaquica. We first met her about 4 years ago when she accompanied us on a construction tour of Pacific Gate a year prior to moving in. Although she was not the sales agent working with us, she was very engaging and helpful and made a lasting impression. We had many agents come and go that were assigned to represent us during the construction period, but Cristi was our constant connection and always offered to help in any way possible even though we were not her responsibility.

We moved into Pacific Gate in the first wave and got to witness Cristi’s work ethic and dedication to her clients first-hand over the next 3 years as she continued representing the Bosa sales department until the building was essentially full. Her dedication to the Bosa organization continued after joining Compass by trying to help move the last few properties remaining which, again, she did not have to do.

When we decided to sell our condo, we did not consider anyone but Cristi to represent us as our realtor. Cristi presented the market data, market trends, and a marketing plan in a very professional way. She listened to our desires and concerns and helped us decide on an approach and price that felt right.

Throughout the process, her communications and advice were spots on. She used her marketing creativity to virtually stage our home photos so we would not be inconvenienced. Her market approach paid off with multiple viewings quickly. Clients from her past had expressed an interest in obtaining a larger unit years ago. Cristi followed up with them and introduced them to our property. Cristi ended up representing both that buyer and us in the transaction. We do not know the ends and outs of real estate transactions but keeping both sides happy throughout the process must be no small feat. This is a testament to her wonderful interpersonal and negotiating skills.

We just turned over the keys to her with the transaction completed much quicker than we ever dreamed. We are sad, not just to be leaving our home for 3 years but sad that we will not be seeing Christi’s beautiful smile and engaging personality frequently. She has become more than a real estate broker to us, she is a friend. And we hope she will be a part of our circle of friends for many years to come.

Without hesitation and with great confidence, we wholeheartedly offer this letter of recommendation. You will be happy to have her in your service. Feel free to phone for a verbal recommendation.